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Things You Can Do Prior To Calling For Professional Electrician

Things You Can Do Prior To Calling For Professional Electricians Toronto  

Electrical emergencies can happen at the most unfortunate of times – perhaps when you’ve just sat down on the couch to enjoy your favorite sport or TV show. When it happens we instinctively reach for the phone in order to get it sorted out quickly and ensure our lives return to normal as soon as possible. But before seeking the services of Toronto electrician near me, it is important to point out that there are checks you can conduct yourself to find out what the problem might be and whether you can rectify it or you need the services of a professional. This might not only save you time but also money.  

Bulb Issues

Bulb problems are probably the easiest to diagnose of all electrical problems. If it’s a case of an incandescent bulb not lighting up, removing it and placing it against a source of light will reveal whether there’s a filament that’s broken and in which case the solution is simply to get a new bulb.   For other kinds of bulbs such as the tube lights or the LED lamps, the best way to find out whether they need replacing is swapping with bulbs that are functioning. If another LED lamp or tube lights functions in their usual place while they don’t then they need replacing. If swapping proves that the problem is not the bulbs or lamps then there’s no other choice other than to call an electrician.   Another way to find out whether the LED lamps or tube lights need replacing is to check the base and see whether there’s an indication of them having turned black. If so then they need to be replaced and this you can easily do yourself.  

Switchboard problems

Fiddling with the switchboard is highly advised against but when done with caution there’s a safe way to find out whether the switchboard is the culprit. This is done by placing your hand on the switchboard in order to feel the temperature. If the board feels abnormally warm or hot then there’s certainly a problem that call for a professional hand.  

Dysfunctional appliances

When an electrical appliance fails to work the problem could either be the appliance itself or the power connection. By feeling the socket though you can tell where the problem lies. If the socket feels somewhat warm or hot the likely culprit is a loosely connected wire which would then require replacement or repair. To completely rule out the problem being the appliances especially in the case of mobile ones like the kettle or iron boxes, all you have to do is move them to another socket. If they work with the new socket then the problem is with the previous socket or the connection.  

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Partial malfunction

When electricity is only available in some parts of a house the first port of call should the main board. You will most likely encounter a circuit breaker that has tripped. All you have to do to rectify is push it back up.  But if it doesn’t move or it trips right back, this is all the confirmation you need that it’s a serious fault that requires a qualified electrician.   While some of these checks can be performed by virtually any adult it is not recommended for an unqualified person to delve into more complicated electrical matters. This should be left to the professionals. Electricians Toronto can assist you with such electrical problems.